Giving the people the final say on Brexit

More and more constituents are telling me they didn’t vote to make themselves, their communities or their country poorer back in June 2016.

That’s why I’ve argued for some time that whatever Brexit deal is ultimately agreed between the UK and the European Union (EU), it should be put back to the people for a final, binding, public vote in a referendum.

We need to ensure Brexit is still what most voters want, given how different the reality has turned out to be from all the promises made back in 2016, not to mention all the evidence we now have of the devastating impact on jobs and economic growth in the North East and the country.  I can’t support something the best evidence says will make people in Newcastle North worse off unless they tell me that is what they want once they have an actual plan for leaving and all the facts in front of them.

The outcome of this referendum needs to be binding, so whatever the result is it would be automatically enacted into law – with no more deadlock and no more delays.

I’ve made no secret that I personally think this country would be wealthier, safer and our planet better protected if we stay in the EU, and I would therefore campaign for Remain in any referendum.